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Constantine V. Semenov
Representative Director,
JC Partners Inc.

   Russian native. 25+ years based in Japan. More than 20 years in translations, more than 15 years in tourism. Licensed all-Japan tour guide (Japan National Guide) in Russian and English. Licensed tour conductor. Certified kikisake-shi (sake sommelier).
   Vast professional experience (both in humanities and technical fields), strong language and communication skills, high flexibility and eagerness to learn.
   Widely diversed interests include traveling, reading, gardening, cooking, camping, DIY, etc. Loves socializing and meeting new faces. Married. Has two daughters. Occasionally posts to the private LJ-blog (mainly in Russian).


Born in Korenovsk Town, Krasnodar Region of the RSFSR, USSR. Soon the family moved to Kaliningrad City in the Baltic Sea Region of Russia.
Graduated from the secondary general-education school No.23 (now Lyceum No.23) in Kaliningrad with a silver medal.
Entered Asian and African Studies College at Moscow State University (IAAS at MSU), History and Philology Department, majored in Oriental History and Japanese Philology.
1st place in All-USSR Japanese Language Contest held by The Japan Foundation, as a prize — one month research trip to Japan.
since 1991
Freelance interpreter/translator (initially worked mostly in technical and business fields)
Internship at Russian Foreign Ministry.
1993 - 1994
One year student exchange program. Japanese language and culture course at Tokai University, Japan.
1994 - 1998
Interpreting at annual Comparative Law Conferences held by Moscow State University and Waseda University, translation of the related materials and editing them for publication.
Graduated with Honor from Asian and African Studies College at Moscow State University (IAAS at MSU). Interpreter/translator qualifications in Japanese and English (see the Diploma).
Joined with the Tokyo Shimbun - Chunichi Shimbun Newspapers, Moscow Bureau (assistant).
1995, August
Gained the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Scholarship (one scholarship holder from each twin-city of Tokyo)
1995, October
Moved to Japan. Living in Japan ever since.
1996 - 1998
Postgraduate course in History of Japan at Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU).
Received an M. A. in History from TMU (see the Certificate).
1998 - 2006
PhD course in History of Japan at Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU).
Withdrawal from the Doctoral Program with the Completion of Course Requirements at TMU (History of Japan).
2006, March
Launched the "J&C Language Services" , a translation bureau (private enterprise) providing integrated language solutions in cooperation with other linguists and pre-press specialists.
2007, July
The private enterprise was reorganized into a language services division of a newly launched company "JC Partners Inc." Currently serving as the Representative Director & President of JC Partners Inc.

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